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Raid from Devik Knight Instance not working

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Name: Grounter
Server: s1-Dragon King

2 bugs in less then 30 min its a new record lol

Ok so, for some reason when i try to Raid ANY stage from Devil Knight Instance, nothing Happens, it doesnt let me raid.
I select the stage i want to raid. I Click Raid, then i set the amount of time i want to raid (1 or 2 or 3) but when i click Auto Play nothing happens.

I asked to other players and they can raid without any problems its just me with this problem. Also i can clear the stages normaly, 1 by 1, its just the raid that is not working.

Oh and yeah i tried to relog, clear cache and cookies, also even tried using another browser and nothing.

EDIT: Ok i think i managed to fix this problem. I just had to RAID any other instance (like Hell or Warden Tree) and after that i was able to Raid in Devil Knight Instance again

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