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Have anyone composed anything? I don't understand how it's working

first you need to be at least trade level 40. you get items cards for getting a certain amount of profit from trading those items(open compose window then click on "get card" tab). Green,Blue, and purple card groups it will show you the amount of profit(collectivly) for each item you have traded. the more profit the better card you can collect. these cards can be used to get said item(+1,+2,+5...) of the diiferent amounts. these cards can  also be combined to get a random different card(how you get the gold item cards to unlock them so you can trade them). also do not collect the cards unless you instead to use them as they will take up storage space.


Thank you for that lovely post rpserna. I mean, this would totally help out the new guys out there that are just trying to start here.



Again i got card probs.

i composed an orange 100 carpet card wich made my orange riffle 100 card disapear!!! Pls Gm enlight me

And wenn compossing for the 2nd time 2x purple 100 with the 100 orange carpet card only thing i got was an 20 tea card. Thats 2nd time unlucky??? nah its just corrupted system.

SOOOO gm please restore my 100 orange card(the 1 lost wenn i created the 100 carpet card) and create a guide for compossing pls as 2times unlucky is ofc possible but to me its looks more and more a scam,also the lack of response makes me think you dont care bout customers


+1, Ty information


true guide for compose is what we are waiting for


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