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VIP packs

i have a question about VIP packs in shop do they unlock after buying the previous one like once you buy 1 number 2 will unlock and so on or do i have to be the VIP like VIP 1 gets 1, VIP 2 gets level 2 pack and so on

Reply 1# ibprofin

Vip 1 can only buy Vip 1 Gift Pack.

Vip 2 can buy Vip 1, Vip 2.... and so on.

You unlock the next level Gift Pack by topping up and become the next level Vip.


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Reply 2# zzz21

    ok thanks :/ was hoping it was the other guess i have to top up more

makes me wish i had my compensation come over here instead of solaris so i can just get the 10 red pieces at 25


if u buy vip 1, the vip status will remain permanent? or expire in 30 days or so ?


permanent ofc. To be VIP10 u need pay $5000, can be funny if VIP10 expire after some weeks.


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