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Elite battle error..

In Peter Pan stage 1 every time i try to pass elite batle in hell mode the game has an error as u can see in the image... I can even pass the level but i dont get the rewards...
2014-2-27 10:48

Another problem in this level is the fact that the disposition of the partners is the disposition of the last level i enter. For instance If im playing Sinbad I, the disposition will be Sinbad I and not Peter Pan (see image)..
It happens repeatedly and i already try to refresh page and nothing changed..

Reply 1# wjwtotal

    Have you completed Hard with 3 stars? If not then Hell can't be completed.

There is bug: Hell shouldn't open before Hard is completed with 3 stars.


Maybe thats it... Ill try.
Thanks ;)


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That was it. Thks ;)


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