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Skills dont work


Aegis, finishing and dragon skill work like 20% of time...
sometime they dont activate....sometime they have not 2 turns duration but 1 or even 0...
I dont know what trigger finishing skill of Sorcerer-Lighting Bolt(lvl5) but it triggers once in 10 battles and sometime more then once in one battle...

Dragon skill-Blazing Wrath 1 have 50% trigger in description but i never seen it activated
                  -Arc of Deception dont have % chance in description so it looks like it passive skill that dont need to be activated but still it is less than 50% chance to reflect damage back

Aegis skills-they all have duration 2 turns but i have seen that after activation when enemy is on turn they just disappear...

Do u going to try to fix this? All of thoes are there from is a time to do something about this i say....

and that reflection says reflect 50%....on what planet is 5k 50% from 50k?


Hi ! For aegis it's normal sometimes.
A round = time which in all creatures (you, your heroes + monsters ) on map play.
So if your angels play only after monsters in the same turn, the duration of the aegis will only be one turn


11th aegis skill..inpenetrable Shield or what ti says in description that it have duration 2 turns that is bullshit becouse after first attack it do about it somethink or change description


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